Union Station Web Presence

Union Station & Science City Web Presence

Union Station and sister organization Science City needed a new updated web presence usable on all devices. The previous site was more than ten years old and nearly unusable on smaller screens. In addition, the site content consisting of daily events, slide shows, videos and reservations needed to be easily and rapidly updated by the non-technical staff.

This site is based on Drupal, SASS and the jQuery JavaScript toolkit. It includes eight custom modules and a custom theme.

Energy efficiency training and education portal

Energy Efficiency Training and Education Portal

The Department of Energy needed a public facing portal where people can comprehensively research all of the available educational and training options in a multitude of energy related disciplines. The user can search for specific degrees and certifications in energy and get curriculum, tuition, internship and career options. The project includes information on thousands of degrees and certifications and a custom search engine specific to the energy industry.

This site is based on Drupal and the jQuery JavaScript toolkit. It includes six custom modules and a custom theme.

Electronic parts broker web application

Electronic Parts Broker Web Application

The client sources hard to find electronic parts from around the world and needed to connect his offices in the US, Taiwan, China and Brazil with a secure parts and inventory ordering system. The web application handled the logistics and supply chain including part requirement entry, worldwide part search, order tracking, shipping and fulfillment as well as tracking an inventory that included approximately 500,000 parts. The project included translations for each of the customer languages and tailoring of the interface to match the cultural differences of each office. Once the internal infrastructure was finished a web portal was developed that company customers could use to search for parts, receive price quotes, place orders and track shipments.

This site is based on the Zend Framework and the Dojo JavaScript toolkit.

Google mapping application

Mapping Application

This web application associates individual units in a housing subdivision with defects and repairs. The user can click on a property on a Google map and see all defects and repairs for this property including costs and a picture. The user can also select a defect such as roof leak and all units with this defect would be marked on the map.

This site is based on the Google Maps API, Zend Framework and the Dojo JavaScript Toolkit.

Structural engineering calculation subscription service

Structural Engineering Calculation Subscription Service

A cloud based subscription service for analysis and design of structures, engineers can create projects and calculations, print results for submission to building code departments and save the calculations in the cloud for future access. In addition, the application can handle secure credit card entry and automatic payment tracking. The application also includes load balancing, automatic database backup and encryption of sensitive information.

This site is based on the Zend Framework and the Dojo JavaScript toolkit.