Daystar West Consulting offers custom development of web applications, content management systems, e-commerce solutions and desktop applications to firms of all sizes.   We work with you to determine not only the project requirements but also how this project fits into your overall company goals.  We can perform:

  • Business process automation including order processing, scheduling, inventory, work flow etc.
  • Legacy application migration to move your existing applications to a more maintainable architecture.
  • Legacy application integration to tie existing applications into new software.
  • Much more...

Our development toolkit includes the most popular platforms and languages including:

  • Database systems including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and others.
  • Programming languages and frameworks including C++, PHP, .Net, Java, Javascript, Zend Framework, Dojo Toolkit, jQuery and others.

Most software companies claim that their software is easy to use. Our Usability Engineering group is led by a specialist with an advanced degree in Human Factors Engineering. Instead of just guessing that our interfaces are intuitive and easy to use, we apply proven Human Factors and Ergonomics principles to our designs.

Our expertise includes:

Fast scalable web applications development

Web Applications

We specialize in creating and managing fast, scalable, secure web applications, portals and e-commerce solutions using the latest technologies.  We can create an application from scratch, migrate a legacy system, or integrate a legacy system with a new modern intranet/internet enabled application.

Content management systems development including Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla!

Content Management Systems

We offer custom development on all of the major open source management systems including Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla! and others.  We can create custom modules, themes and complete turnkey systems.

Cloud services development and management

Cloud Services

All of our software is developed with maximum flexibility in mind.  Our web applications can be easily deployed to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and we can manage the applications for you.

Application and web hosting

Application Hosting

We offer application hosting and management on our servers for any of your projects, even ones that we did not develop.  If you prefer deployment on your servers or cloud services we can manage those as well.